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93: Integrated Performance Assessments (IPAs)

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How do you approach assessment in your language classroom?  Is it about quizzes and tests on particular vocabulary and language structures, or do you focus on students demonstrating what they can do with the Target Language?  In this episode I am going to focus on Integrated Performance Assessments (or IPA’s).  This type of assessment provides a chance to determine what students are able to do with the target language, rather than just what they know about the language.

Topics in this Episode:

  • Henshaw and Hawkins’ recommendations around assessments in Common Ground
  • aligning instruction with assessment
  • Success Criteria
  • what an Integrated Performance Assessment (IPA) is
  • the 3 sections of an IPA: interpretive, interpersonal, presentational
  • creating and IPA
  • assessing and IPA
  • Pros and cons of IPAs
  • tips for creating and implementing an IPA

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