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Engaging Foreign Language Use with Padlet

Padlet in Foreign (World) Language Class(French, Spanish) Padlet is an online, electronic “wall” where students can post comments or answer questions for the entire class to see and respond to.  The possibilities are endless since the link can be shared with students who can easily access the wall electronically.

Engaging Foreign (World) Language Use with Padlet (French, Spanish) wlteacher.wprdpress.comThe teacher can upload videos, photos or documents.  It can easily be used for a virtual exchange as well with another school.  All students involved can comment on the same photo or video and everyone can see the different responses.  Padlet can also be used in real time in class with all students entering comments on the board at the same time.  Each comment begins with the student’s name so that everyone looking at the board knows who wrote the comment.

Create Online Comic Strips in Foreign Languages with Pixton

Create Online Comic Strips in Foreign (World) Languages with Pixton (French, Spanish) wlteacher.wordpress.comPixton is a website where students can create their own comic strips by developing characters and dialog.  There are various templates and tools to make characters.

(French, Spanish) wlteacher.wordpress.comThere is a section of the website specifically for schools and students projects. You will also find some interesting reasons how Pixton is useful to language students in the ares of motivation, creativity and culture.

Go! Animate-Great tool for the foreign language classroom

GoAnimate is a free site that allows you to create cartoon animations and either record voice or type text that the program reads for you.  It also has authentic foreign language accents and voices.

Go! Animate-Great tool for the Foreign (World) Language Classroom(French, Spanish)

Storybird: Site for Students to Create Books in a Foreign Language

Storybird is a free site that lets you choose artwork to create a story. You choose your art, then type in your story. The final product reads like a book and can be embedded easily on class sites or blogs.

Storybird-Great tool for the Foreign (World) Language Classroom(French, Spanish)

Storybird-Great tool for the Foreign (World) Language Classroom(French, Spanish)

Online Message Board for Students to Communicate in Target Language

LinoIt is a free message board. You create a board where students can post “sticky notes,” including video clips.

Online Messageboard-Great tool for the Foreign (World) Language Classroom(French, Spanish)

Very Effective Online Vocabulary Activities for Foreign Language Class

The activities on the links below are great for students to individually practice many vocabulary topics in a very interactive way.  Some of the activities include sound and students can practice their listening comprehension as well as their ability to recognize words when they see them in print.  These are also effective for the smartboard as well. The activities work just as well on an individual computer screen.

Digital Dialects-Great tool for the Foreign (World) Language Classroom(French, Spanish)

Interactive Music and Lyric Activities for Foreign Language Practice

Interactive Music Video Website for Foreign (World) Language (French, Spanish) wlteacher.wordpress.comThese are very interactive music activities that I came across on  The songs are on video (linked to youtube) and for each song there are 2 types of activities to practice the lyrics: Fill in the missing word or phrase (three levels) and karaoke.

There are lots of song in different languages and you can even add to the activities or upload your own song to the site.  The song and activities are assessed and approved before they are placed on the site.  These are fun activities for students to do individually or in pairs: