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46: What Will the Podcast Look Like This Summer?

In this episode I want to talk to you about what the podcast will look like over the summer. Like many of you, I will be on my summer break from school in the US.  I don’t want to go away from you for 6-8 weeks, but also understand that you need some time to recharge.

Over the summer I will publish a “Summer Headspace” episode every Monday.

What is Summer Headspace and how what will this look like:

  • Time to reflect without other pressing priorities and issues
  • Clear head
  • Opportunity to revisit themes and episodes with a fresh lens  
  • Maybe something has come up since you first listened
  • You catch something new
  • Finish an episode that you started
  • Listen to an episode for the first time

I will group 2 episodes by theme so that you can listen to them together. Summer Headspace episodes will be 5-7 minute recaps to pull the themes together and links to the episodes will be in the show notes.

There will be 8 Summer Headspace episodes and new regular season episodes will begin on August 22, 2022.

Work with Joshua either in person or remotely.

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4. What is Communicative Language Teaching?

In this episode I take on the topic of communicative language teaching (CLT).  What is it exactly and how do we teach communicatively? [sign up for Talking Points]


  • CLT is an approach and not a method.
  • Difference between an approach and a method?
  •  Bill VanPatten’s description of  CLTR.
  • The role of input.
  • The role of output.
  • The communicative classroom:
    • student-centered
    • students create with language
    • focus is communicating messages

What does this look like in the classroom?

  • Performance
  • Assessment

What does the teacher do in the communicative language classroom?

“[It is not] because some plants will grow in a desert, [that] watering the ones in your garden is a waste of time. In fact, of course, while the desert may provide the minimum conditions for a plant to grow, watering it may help it grow faster, bigger, and stronger, that is to realize its full potential.” —Larsen-Freeman and Long, 1990

This blog has a pdf that you can download with all of these details on communicative language teaching.

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2. Language Teaching Then and Now

In this episode I discuss 3 major approaches to language teaching of the past 50+ years. It’s helpful to understand where it all started and how we arrived at the communicative teaching practices that we employ in our classroom.

Sometimes we need to look to the past to fully understand how to got to where we are now.

Find out about:

  • Behaviorism; Pavlov, Skinner
  • Innatism; Chomsky
  • Social Interactionism; Vygotsky, Hymes

What has been refuted, supported or sustained in our modern approaches?

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