107: Write and Discuss and Parallel Texts

This is episode 6 in my 2023 summer headspace series. This is a chance to revisit episodes from the previous school year during the summer months when you may have a little extra time. Beginning August 28th, you will see new episodes with exciting new topics every Monday.  For today we take a look back at episodes 79 where Ben Fisher-Rodriguez shows how to do a Write and Discuss and episode 90 where Kaitlin Leppert talks us through parallel texts. These two activities work really well together.  Let’s jump in.

  • Ben Fisher (79): the benefits of using Write and Discuss
  • Logistics of doing a Write and Discuss
    • – when you us it
    • – how you do it
    • – the procedure
    • – what you can do after
  • Ben’s pro tips
  • Kaitlin Leppert (90): engaging students in a parallel text
    • – creating an original text
    • – whole Class parallel texts
    • – individual/small group parallel texts
    • specific examples
  • Combining Write and Discuss with a Parallel Text.



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