108: You Get What You Ask For

We are back for a new school year. I asked you in the spring what you would like to get from this podcast. In this episode I’m excited to share with you how we will be changing up the podcast episodes (just a little) so that they are exactly what you are looking for and need as you approach your teaching.

  • Who is listening to the podcast?
  • Looks like you want 25-30 minute episodes
  • All the topics you requested
  • Leveling Up coaching episodes
  • What to look forward to

Work with Joshua either in person or remotely.

Teachers want to hear from you and what you are proud of in your classroom.
Join me as a guest on the podcast.

You  can also be a part of Leveling Up coaching episode if there is an area of your teaching that you like to improve or enhance.  Join me on the podcast for a Leveling Up Coaching Episode.  

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