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Foreign Language Digital Task Cards (Boom)

A few years back the concept of task cards entered into education, and, more specifically, into the foreign language classroom.  Typically task cards are individual cards that offer students opportunities to engage with a particular topic in various forms.  Each one usually has a prompt or activity that students complete either individually or in pairs or small groups at different challenge levels.  They are particularly useful because they provide opportunities for increased engagement and differentiation. For a refresher you can read my post on 1o ways to use task cards in the foreign language classroom.

I recently learned about digital task cards and once I saw how effective they are with students I jumped right it.  Though I like the tactile aspect of the more traditional physical task cards, digital cards are more sustainable and they provide instant feedback to students.

Foreign Language Digital Task Cards (Boom) French, Spanish

Watch these videos where I take you through a “deck” of digital task cards on the Boom Learning Website.

Spanish Digital Task Cards.

French Digital Task Cards

No printing, cutting, or laminating, just assign the decks to your students and you are ready to go. Students can get immediate feedback on their progress and you get several teacher reporting tools. A fun, effective, and engaging way for students to engage with the language.

You can create your own decks when you set up an account.  There is a limited number with the free account.  You’ll have to upgrade if you want to create more.  You can also purchase decks that are already made on the Boom Learning Website.  I am all in with these right now and I am making more decks every week. You can get them on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Users new to Boom Learning get a three-month free trial of student progress reporting for up to 150 students. Your trial includes the ability to make up to 5 free DIY decks. Boom Cards play on modern browsers (released in the last three years), on interactive whiteboards, computers and tablets. Boom Cards apps are also available.  If you do not subscribe at the end of your trial, you will be able to continue using Boom Cards with the Fast Play feature. 

Spanish Digital Task Cards.

French Digital Task Cards

Use Task Cards to Build Foreign Language Confidence and Proficiency (SlideShare)

Use Task Cards to Build Foreign Language Confidence and Proficiency (SlideShare) (French, Spanish) www.wlclassroom.comTask Cards are a very effective way to provide students with opportunities to practice vocabulary and language structures as they work toward building proficiency.  Check out this SlideShare Presentation for ideas on using task vards in the foreign language classroom.