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110: Conferences and PD for Language Teachers

Have you attended a conference specifically for language teachers, either locally, regionally or nationally.  If you have, this episode will get you excited about the upcoming conference season.  If you’ve never attended, you’ll be inspired to attend for sure. Danja Mahoney and Vilma Nasuti Bibeau, both members of their state language conference planning committee, join me to explore everything that these events have to offer and all that’s in it for language teachers.  I live for PD, workshops and a good ol’ conference. I’m so excited.

Topics in this episode:

  • Benefits of attending a conference for world language teachers
  • What typically happens at a language teacher’s conference?
  • Who presents at conferences?
  • Events and activities that are typically available to conference attendees.
  • Networking opportunities, social gatherings and exhibitors.
  • How language teacher conferences foster collaboration among attendees.

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