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116: AI Tools in the Language Classroom

Are you using AI tools like ChatGPT?  Do you know about all the other AI tools that are out there and can help support your teaching, your curriculum and save you time?  Today, Noemí Rodríguez, a Spanish teacher in New Jersey, has thrown herself into the AI world. She shares lots of resources and tells about all the incredibly helpful ways that we can leverage AI tools as language teachers.

Topics in this episode:

  • what AI is and why should teachers consider using it
  • advice for language teachers who are eager to embrace AI tools but may feel overwhelmed or uncertain about where to start
  • Using AI tools to streamline lesson planning while still maintaining personalized learning experiences
  • striking a balance between leveraging AI tools and fostering meaningful interactions and cultural understanding among your students
  • examples of specific AI applications that work well in the world language classroom and how do these tools enhance the learning experience for students
  • AI Resources: Magic School, Diffit, Learn With Carlos, ChatGPT

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