Engaging Foreign Language Use with Padlet

Padlet in Foreign (World) Language Class(French, Spanish) www.wlteacher.wordpress.com Padlet is an online, electronic “wall” where students can post comments or answer questions for the entire class to see and respond to.  The possibilities are endless since the link can be shared with students who can easily access the wall electronically.

Engaging Foreign (World) Language Use with Padlet (French, Spanish) wlteacher.wprdpress.comThe teacher can upload videos, photos or documents.  It can easily be used for a virtual exchange as well with another school.  All students involved can comment on the same photo or video and everyone can see the different responses.  Padlet can also be used in real time in class with all students entering comments on the board at the same time.  Each comment begins with the student’s name so that everyone looking at the board knows who wrote the comment.

4 responses to “Engaging Foreign Language Use with Padlet

  1. I’m excited to use this! Gracias.

  2. Corrie

    Thanks for the wonderful introduction to Padlet. I just went on and made my own! There are so many possibilities. I have just started to teach question formation and I think that this could be a great way for the students to ask and answer questions in the target language. I also feel it will be a wonderful place for students to help each other learn, by giving alternate explanations and examples. Thanks!


  3. Jessica

    I’ve just discovered padlet and am thinking of ways to use this in my classroom. Would you share some ways that you’ve used this?

    I finally have time to read your blog, so I’m catching up.

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