109: Streamline Lesson Planning

How do you plan out your individual classes and keep an eye on the pacing? Today’s episode is a Leveling Up episode, where I coach Tamica, a Spanish teacher in New Jersey. Lesson planning with a close eye on timing and class pacing is the area where she wants to level up her teaching practice. Dive in with us & take the ideas back to your classroom. 


  • Develop a lesson planning template or framework that includes sections for warm-up activities, instructional content, single, pair and group practice opportunities, and assessments. This helps maintain consistency and organization. Break this into 2 or 3 sections per class.
  • Create a list of 10 go-to activities and work toward putting the number of minutes along with each one so that you can effectively gauge and determine how long each one will take.
  • Collect data on how long each activity takes and mix and match the activities.

Action Plan:

  • This Week: Create a list of 10 go-to activities that include various opportunities for single, pair and group practice opportunities
  • The Coming Weeks: As you move through the fall and implement the class template and activities, keep track of the minutes on task and make note of the time for planning purposes. Reflect on the effectiveness of your class template and planning. Revise and adjust your future lesson plans based on insights gained from the reflections and student input.

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