100: Look Back at 100 Episodes & 60+ Guests

Guess what? This is episode 100 of the world language classroom podcast. I was watching data to see if we would get to 100 episodes first or 100,000 downloads. I’m happy to report that we crossed the 100,000 download mark well before this 100th episode.  So, thank you so much for your continued support of the podcast and the many guests who have joined me over the past 2 years.  In this episode I want to look back at some key takeaways from the collective wisdom of guests and share some listener highlights as well.  Can’t wait, so Let’s jump in!

Episodes Mentioned in this Episode:

  • Florencia Henshaw and Maris Hawkins (65,66)
  • Ben Fisher on Write and Discuss (79)
  • Kaitlin Leppert on Parallel Texts (90)
  • Cécile Lainé on Social Justice Standards (33)
  • Ben Tinsley on Diversity and Equitable Feedback (27, 58)
  • Joseph Parody Brown  LGBTQ+ Inclusive Classrooms (42)
  • Vicky Wang on Courageous Dialogues and Affinity Spaces (28)
  • Allison Perryman on Seeing, Hearing and Tasting Culture (78)
  • Kia D. London on Representation (88) 
  • A.C. Quintero on Equity in the Language Classroom (10)
  • Lisa Sherpard on Critical Thinking Skills (92)
  • Margarita Pérez García on Story-Listening (91)
  • Teacher Toolbox (25, 54, 69, 85)

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