86: Lots of Activities for Any Reading with Ashley Mikkelsen

Do you use reading as a source of comprehensible input in your language classroom? In this episode, we dive into the topic of reading with Ashley Mikkelsen, a Spanish teacher in North Dakota, who shares suggestions and ideas for engaging reading activities that you can do right away in your classroom. Ashley has a true passion for making reading fun and interactive for students. So, grab your notebook and pen, and get ready to add lots of pre, during, and post reading activities to your next lesson.

Topics in this Episode:

  • Ashley’s journey with literacy
  • the benefits of reading in the language acquisition process
  • simply reading or truly engaging with a text
  • activities for any reading:
    • pre-reading
    • during reading
    • after reading and leveraging the content

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2 responses to “86: Lots of Activities for Any Reading with Ashley Mikkelsen

  1. Manuela GB

    So if you write your own stories so they incorporate the vocabulary and grammatical aspects you want your students to learn, aren’t those stories inauthentic texts?

    • jos76

      I’m not sure I follow. A text in the target language is text in the target language. If it is a question of using authentic resources that is a question of exposing students to authentic culture. That is a different purpose that providing comprehensible input, which can rarely come from authentic texts. Also, a text is only truly authentic if it is being used for its intended purpose. Once it enters to the classroom and is used by students it is not longer being used for its authentic purpose.

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