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120: Rethinking Participation with Timothy Chávez

What does participation look like in your classroom?  How can you make sure that all students are actively engaged and not just a few that have demeanors that lend themselves to speaking up regularly?  In this episode I speak with Timothy Chávez, a Spanish teacher in Massachusetts, who shares his suggestions and techniques for getting all students involved and participating in class.  We recorded this episode live in the Exhibits Hall at the MaFLA conference in October. We had lots of spectators stop by to see how it all works and what it looks like to record an episode. I kept the background sound of the exhibit hall excitement in so that you can feel the energy that we did.

Topics in this Episode:

  • the benefits of Prsida Himmele & William Himmele’s Total Participation Techniques in the world language classroom
  • how these techniques enhance language learning and student engagement
  • how Total Participation Techniques promote a comfortable and inclusive learning environment
  • Specific Total Participation Techniques that Timothy has found most effective
  • Total Participation Techniques used for assessment
  • how Total Participation Techniques can be adapted to ensure that all students are actively participating and feeling confident in their communication skills

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