115: Pre-AP Strategies at Lower Levels

Do you have AP language classes in your program? When do you begin focusing on the linguistic and cultural competence skills that students will need to succeed at this level? A Pre-AP or a scaffolded approach to skills and content is beneficial in the language learning process, fostering critical skills and mindsets early on. Whether students pursue a language at an advanced or AP level or not, these skills not only enhance and support academic success, but they also cultivate confidence and competence. We’ll take a look at how we can begin fostering these skills early on.

Topics in this episode:

  • Benefits of integrating Pre-AP strategies
  • Building Strong Language Foundations
  • Cultivating Critical Thinking
  • Integrating AP Themes in Lower-Level Classes
    • Beauty and Aesthetics
    • Science and Technology
    • Personal and Public Identities
    • Families and Communities
    • Global Challenges
    • Contemporary Life
  • Differentiation and Inclusion

Blog Post that brings all of these ideas together with examples.

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