92: Critical Thinking Skills in the Language Classroom with Lisa Shepard

What classes do you think of when you hear about Critical Thinking Skills? Is this for science, social studies and literature, or is there a place for it in our World Language Classes.  My guest today, Lisa Shepard, a French teacher in Ohio, is here to show that our language classrooms are the ideal place to highlight and hone critical thinking skills.  Lisa shares her reasoning along with many suggestions for building these skills in the target language at every proficiency level.

Topics in this Episode:

  • what we mean by “critical thinking skills” 
  • why critical thinking skills are essential in our classrooms and as part of our curriculum
  • concern about addressing critical thinking skills in the target language, particularly at the novice level
  • strategies (activities and procedure) that focus on and hone critical thinking skills in the language classroom
    • – Analyze Authentic Resources
    • – Solve Problems Collaboratively
    • – Create informational and persuasive messages for cross-cultural audiences

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