62: Class Pacing and Brain Breaks with Fadi Aboughoush

In this episode, we talk about pacing in our language classrooms.  How do we determine the amount of time that students should spend on particular activities? Part of this involves when and how to use Brain Breaks.  Fadi Aboughoush, an Arabic teacher in Chicago, has a wealth of information and ideas on this topic.

Topics include:

  • class structure and pacing and why it is important to plan in advance, rather than just seeing where things go.
  • how long we should spend on activities in the various modes and signs of it being time to move on or take a break.
  • the purpose of brain breaks.
  • do we need to change activities after a Brain Break, or can we return to the previous activity?
  • what makes a brain break effective.
  • useful brain breaks that we can try right away.
  • Wheel Decide

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