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84: Movies, Video, Shorts and Clips with Allison Wienhold

Do you use movie or film clips in your classroom?  Allison Wienhold, a Spanish teacher in Iowa, joined me back on episode 30 to talk about using music in the classroom. She left us with so many useful and actionable tips for music that I had to have her back on to share ideas and suggestions for using movies, film clips and other types of visual media.

Topics in this Episode:

  • the essential benefits of using video clips or movies in the language classroom from  linguistic and cultural perspectives
  • where Allison finds the video that she uses
  • looking for themes or finding a good clip/scene and planing a lesson around it
  • various types of video and what to do with them:
    • short films (clip chat, EdPuzzle)
    • TV Series (authentic input)
    • full-length films (culture, themes, seasons, units)
  • Allison’s thoughts and suggestions around subtitles and modifying audio speed

Episode 30: Music in the Language Classroom with Allison Wienhold

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