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87: Personal and Teacher Identity with Jenniffer Whyte

How can we bring authentic cultural experiences to our students? In this episode, I’m joined by teacher and podcast host Jenniffer Whyte, who speaks with me about her experience as a self-described “Afro-Latina teacher in the Rural South.” She also has a podcast aptly titled Afro-Latina teacher in the Rural South. Jenniffer Whyte tells us about her teaching journey through Florida, Georgia and Alabama and how she got more comfortable bringing her authentic self into the classroom, and then decided to start a podcast to connect with other teachers. 

Topics in this Episode:

  • Jenniffer’s journey from the Dominican Republic to the Rural South
  • what Jenniffer has learned about yourself while navigating life in the Dominican Republic, NYC, Miami, Atlanta and now Anniston, Alabama
  • how Jenniffer brings her Afro-Latina identity and lived experience into her classroom and how this benefits her students and representation overall
  • what led Jenniffer to start a podcast specifically focused on the Afro-Latina experience, and particularly that experience in the rural south
  • what Jenniffer hopes that listeners get out of her podcast episodes

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