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94: Targeted Comprehensible Input with Angie Torre

How do we choose the input that we use when engaging students in comprehensible input activities?  In this episode, we are talking about the idea of targeted comprehensible input.  Angie Torre, a Spanish teacher in California, joins me to talk about the pros and cons of using targeted and non-targeted comprehensible input.  There are likely diverse opinions on this out there, so here is our chance to find the common ground.

Topics in this Episode:

  • what “targeted” and “non-targeted” Comprehensible Input are and their objectives
  • the varying opinions on both approaches
  • Angie’s personal reasoning behind using targeted Comprehensible Input
  • the benefits of considering age and developmental levels in the language acquisition process
  • planning of a lesson or unit that using targeted Comprehensible Input
  • sheltered videos, how do you use them, and the effectiveness 

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