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3. Language Teaching Has Come a Long Way

In this episode we look at what language teaching  looked like in the past and what it looks like now.  We get into specific methods that were based on Behaviorism and Innatism along with what teaching looks like now in the communicative classroom.


  • Audio-Lingual Method
  • Suggestopedia
  • Silent Way
  • The Natural Approach
  • Communicative Competence
  • TPR
  • TPRS
  • CI
  • OWL
  • AIM

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2. Language Teaching Then and Now

In this episode I discuss 3 major approaches to language teaching of the past 50+ years. It’s helpful to understand where it all started and how we arrived at the communicative teaching practices that we employ in our classroom.

Sometimes we need to look to the past to fully understand how to got to where we are now.

Find out about:

  • Behaviorism; Pavlov, Skinner
  • Innatism; Chomsky
  • Social Interactionism; Vygotsky, Hymes

What has been refuted, supported or sustained in our modern approaches?

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1. Who is Joshua and What Are We Doing?

I share my educational background  and teaching experience of the past 25 years.  This helps to give you a better understanding of where I’m coming from and what has contributed to my teaching approach.

You’ll also get a solid picture of what this podcast will offer you and what you can expect in each episode.

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All About the World Language Classroom Podcast

Listen to what is in store for you when you listen to the World Language Classroom podcast with Joshua Cabral.

Tips, tools and insights to help your students grow in language proficiency and communicate with confidence.

Based in research, but put into action in the classroom.

You’ll hear from Joshua as well as other language teachers who share insights and lessons learned along their language teaching journey.

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