95: Curriculum and Structure in the CI Classroom with Adriana Ramirez

What does curriculum look like in a classroom that puts comprehensible input at the center of the language acquisition experience? Is it possible, in fact, to follow a curriculum, in either a traditional or reinvented way? In this episode, we look at this very question with Adriana Ramirez, a Spanish teacher in Canada. Adriana helps us to see what curriculum looks like in her classroom as she implements a CI approach to language teaching and learning.

Topics in this Episode:

  • the key aspects of a CI (Comprehensible Input) classroom that are a departure from some more legacy approaches
  • “curriculum” in a CI classroom and how do we plan for and document the learning
  • the structure of a lesson and the student experience
  • why  CI is ultimately more beneficial than a vocabulary and grammar-focused curriculum
  • some misconceptions and critiques about CI

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One response to “95: Curriculum and Structure in the CI Classroom with Adriana Ramirez

  1. Matthew

    Hi Joshua, I enjoyed the episode. I found your website and podcast yesterday when searching for task based language teaching à la Bill VanPatten. I saw Adriana’s YouTube demo-lessons a few months ago and it was good hear her talk about her lessons on this podcast.

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