74: State Language Associations with Jenny Delfini and Mike Mitchell

Are you a member of your state language association?  Do you know what might be available to language teachers in your state? In this episode, Jenny-Lynn Delfini and Mike Mitchell highlight the work of state associations for language teachers.  Jenny was the 2022 president and Mike is the executive director of NYSAFLT, the New York State Association of Language Teachers. If you’re not a member of your state language association, you will surely want to be after this discussion.

Topics in this episode:

  • Jenny and Mike’s journey and history with NYSAFT, from first-year teachers joining as members for the first time to becoming part of the leadership
  • what they Jenny and Mike have gained as members of their state language association
  • resources that state language associations provide to members
  • how members can get involved
  • why every language teacher should be connected to the in their state language association

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