42: LGBTQ+ Inclusive Classrooms with Joseph Parodi-Brown

In this episode we talk about creating LGBTQ+ inclusive classrooms and curriculum.  While this is certainly beneficial to our students that identify as LGBTQ+, inclusive classrooms and curriculum benefit all students.  Joseph Parodi-Brown, a Spanish teacher in Connecticut, has done extensive research in this area and puts it into practice in his classroom.  He joins us to offer insights and suggestions for ensuring representation in our classrooms so that all of our students are seen, understood and valued.

Joseph speaks specifically about:

  • the benefits of an inclusive classroom and curriculum.
  • his  journey to creating an LGBTQ+ inclusive classroom and curriculum, the challenges and successes.
  • GLSEN and what can we learn from the National School Climate Survey.
  • the challenges with gendered languages.
  • entry points for positive representation in our classrooms.
  • intersectionality; is the LGBTQ+ experience the same in all cultures?
  • common fears that teachers experience when implementing inclusive curriculum and how to proceed.

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