33: Integrating Can Do’s and Social Justice Standards with Cécile Lainé

In this episode we discuss the Learning For Justice Social Justice Standards, incredibly necessary topics in the language classroom.  One of the biggest hurdles is addressing the topics of Identify, Diversity, Justice and Action in the target language.  We do not have to put our language objectives aside when these topics come up.  We can integrate them into our Can Do’s.  Cécile Lainé, a French teacher in Tennessee, joins me to talk through the Social Justice Standards with suggestions for integrating them into our Can Do Statements.

Cécile speaks about…

  • what the Learning For Justice Social Justice Standards are and how they are designed
  • how can we use the Social Justice Standards along with Can Do Statements
  • what this integration looks like in the classroom, particularly at the novice level.
  • how we can address these topics at all proficiency levels without the need to rely on native language

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2 responses to “33: Integrating Can Do’s and Social Justice Standards with Cécile Lainé

  1. thanks for this marvelous podcast with Cécile Lainé, so rich in information! I went to dictionary.com to see the definition of “queer” and had not realized that it meant so many things. I like hearing her say that Francophone does not just mean French-speaking because most Francophone people are multilingual, and also hearing about French/US museums.

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