Unpacking Language Pedagogy

I’m a big fan of teaching practice that is supported by data and research.

I appreciate resources such as the OASIS Database, which provides one-page descriptions of research articles on language learning and language teaching. The summaries provide information in accessible, non-technical language about each study’s goals, how it was conducted, and what was found.

My newest find is Dr. Florencia Henshaw, an instructor and Program Director at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

I can’t get enough of her YouTube videos where she unpacks research articles and language terms in ways that are clear and accessible to language teachers.  I rewatch her videos when I need a refresher and catch something new each time.

Dr. Henshaw adds new topics all the time and keeps the videos to about 10 minutes so that the topics are not too overwhelming.  She also does an excellent job of breaking down topics into individual videos that are focused and concise.

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