Language Learning with a Growth Mindset

I wrote a post previously about how a change in words can change a students mindset.  Essentially if students change the words and questions they use to approach their work, the outcome will be different. A mindset that is more focused on growth and overcoming challenges will lead to higher confidence and a clearer understanding, whereas a fixed mindset causes students to limit their confidence and potential (Carol Dweck, Mindset).  I wanted to approach this topic again, but from a more linguistic perspective.  Here is a more focused list of ways that language learners can use a growth mindset to learn the target language more effectively, efficiently and with more increased proficiency.

Language Learning with a Growth Mindset. (French, Spanish, ACTFL)

6 responses to “Language Learning with a Growth Mindset

  1. lahtia

    I really like this. Is there a way to get a poster for my classroom?

  2. teresa-t

    same question as lahtia….can we use as poster in our classroom??

  3. I decided that this year I was going to make “growth mindset” a goal for me and my students. It goes along beautifully with what we are trying to accomplish through our proficiency based curriculum. I found some cute ideas on Pinterest and have devoted a whole area of my wall space to cultivating a growth mindset.
    Additionally, I created a reflection/goal sheet we use after every performance assessment, with a mindset reminder at the bottom!
    So glad to see you write about this!

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