Spanish & French Verb Tense and Sentence Writing Powerpoint Activities

It’s one thing for students to learn verb forms, it’s another for them to know the meaning and be able to actively use them in a sentence.  To help with this, I created these verb tense (form) and sentence writing activities that are interactive.  I use Powerpoint to keep the process moving and engaging.

Spanish & French Verb Tense and Sentence Writing Powerpoint Activities wlteacher.wordpress.comThe teachers begins each slide with a single click that produces a number written in words on the bottom of the screen. Students find the digit in the grid and write the subject and correct verb form based on the column and row of the digit.

A circle appears and begins to disappear (20 seconds for the first 20 slides) during which time students write the subject and correct verb form. They can write this on a sheet of paper or on mini-white boards. The board is covered with a “Fin” square after 20 seconds.

A second click reveals the digit and the subject and verb so that students can verify that they found the correct number and the correct subject and verb form.

After practicing this activity on the first 20 slides, students can then write complete sentences on the next 20 slides by writing the subject, correct verb form and an answer to the question word that accompanies the infinitive. The timer on these slides is set to 30 seconds to allow more time to write the sentences. Students can then read examples of the sentences that they wrote.

Spanish & French Verb Tense and Sentence Writing Powerpoint Activities

The teacher is free to use as many or as few of the subject/verb slides before moving on to the subject/verb/question slides.

You can download over 25 versions of these activities in French and Spanish by clicking the links.

Topics include:

  • Present tense (regular, irregular, stem-change, accent-change verbs)
  • Past Tenses (preterit, present perfect, passé composé)
  • Present progressive
  • Simple future
  • Conditional
  • Subjunctive
  • Reflexive Verbs

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