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Class Starters (Do Nows, Warm Ups) for the Foreign Language Classroom

Class Starters (Do Nows, Warm Ups) for the Foreign (World) Language Classroom (French, Spanish) wlteacher.wordpress.comClass Starters (often called Do Nows, Warm Ups or Quick Questions) are a great way to set the tone for the work to be done in class.  It is also a great opportunity to have students review vocabulary and grammar regularly so that the concepts stay active.   These activities are also an effective tool for class management, particularly when students know that they are receiving a grade.   typically give a grade out of 5 points for each day. 

Below are some ideas for class starters in a world language class as well the document that students use to record their answers.

  • Reorganize jumbled-up letters in a word
  • Write words in singular or plural
  • Write correct form of an adjective
  • Write correct verb forms (in various tenses)
  • Organize words to make a sentenc

Here is a more extensive list of Do Now Activities.

Click here for my  blog post about short activities that can be used as Do Nows or activities for Fast Finishers.

Reorganise jumbled up letters in a word (To practice spelling, alphabet and revise vocabulary) Tell students the topic that all words belong to.

Write words in the singular or the plural (To practice singular and plural articles)

Determine the correct form of the adjective (To practice adjective forms and agreement)Give students a noun and they write the correct form of the adjective)

Give the correct verb forms (To practice the forms of regular and irregular verbs)

Give students a subject pronoun and 5 or 6 verbs.  Students write the verb forms.

Reorganise words within a sentence (To practice word order, agreements and revise vocabulary) Tell students the topic.