6. Supporting New Teachers with William Anderson

In this episode we talk about supporting new language teachers in your department.  If you are an administrator, a new teacher, or a colleague with new department members there is a place for you to jump into this conversation. [sign up for Talking Points]

I am joined by William Anderson,  who leads a district program with 9 schools and over 40 teachers in the language department.  

William speaks specifically about…

  • what to look for when hiring teachers.
  • how to support new teachers in the areas of classroom management, assessments and planning.
  • what a “good” class or lesson looks like. 
  • what new teachers should be asking for support with (but don’t know that they need to ask).
  • how colleagues can support new teachers.

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One response to “6. Supporting New Teachers with William Anderson

  1. Carmen Waga

    Excellent conversation with William Anderson. It remind of how our students can benefit for having a great relationship with our students. Specially during this difficult times.
    Carmen W.

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