Are We Speaking Our Students’ Language?

How many times have we done our best to come up with scenarios and role plays that may or may not be applicable to the everyday lives of our students?  Where are they reading, writing, speaking and communicating?  Social media is certainly one place.  I put together a template for Instagram™ photos and stories and students write their own descriptions of photos and comment on their classmates’ posts.  I even added on opportunities to “post” Instagram™ Story videos.

I can’t actually use social media platforms with my students, so I created Google Slides™ where they insert photos and videos with descriptions into a template.

This link will make a copy in your Google Drive™ of the template that I created. 

This digital activity that works well if teaching in school or remotely.

4 responses to “Are We Speaking Our Students’ Language?

  1. Helene Orvoen

    What about students’ privacy? I’m not sure social media like these can be used in every school district.

    • jos76

      Agree completely. That is why I don’t actually use Instagram, but rather have them complete these mock Instagram posts through Google Slides.

  2. Nancy

    Joshua, I like this very much. How do you have students give each other comments on the last page? How would I pull this off in a remote learning setting? I want to assign this in 2 days time – I hope I hear from you by then – but no biggie if I don’t I can always assign it early next week.

    • jos76

      I haven’t had students comment on each other’s, but I suppose you could have them share the doc with classmates. Since it’s all digital it works well in a remote teaching situation.

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