Prompts and Questions to Promote Proficiency in the Foreign Language Classroom

I already posted the Can-DO wall to track proficiency in younger students, but here is what I came up with for focusing on proficiency levels for older students.  Each level (novice through intermediate) is color coded with 7-9 prompts that correspond to an ACTFL Can-Do Statement for the proficiency level. I have popsicle sticks in the color of each proficiency level with numbers in them.

Prompts and Questions to Promote Proficiency in the Foreign (World) Language Classroom (French, Spanish) wlteacher.wordpress.comWhen students come in the room, I ask 2-3 students to choose a stick of the color of their current or goal level. They will check the statement on the wall and when we are in conversation circle they will provide the prompts for the group. They can always choose two prompts and include a lower level once in a while to recycle the language. I think this will help us to keep the prompts at the appropriate level. It’s a starting point and we can create new prompts based on the responses offered. The goal is to make these questions and conversations second nature when it comes time for assessment.

7 responses to “Prompts and Questions to Promote Proficiency in the Foreign Language Classroom

  1. How does your “conversation circle” work? Is this something you do every day..i.e. impromptu conversation? Thanks!


    • I do a written Class Starter on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the conversation to start the class on Tuesday and Thursday. I plan on 10 minutes, but if they are engaged I keep it going a bit longer. It is based on the OWL method, which runs the entire class in the conversation circle.



  2. Do you have a post that explains the prompts and the conversation circle? Also, do you have a resource for researching the OWL method? Thanks


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  4. Where do i see the actual prompts


    • The prompts come from the ACTFL Can Do Statements. Baiscally, for Novice Low Can Do’s have things like “I can say my name” so the prompts for that would be the question “What is your name.”


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