Foreign Language Number and Color Practice Activity

I’m always looking for ways to reinvent materials that I already have in new and interactive ways.  Many times we as teachers don’t need to reinvent the wheel, we just have to find new ways to spin it.   This is a quick set-up activity that requires almost no prep and gives students numerous opportunities to practice saying colors and numbers in the target language.  There is also an opportunity for students to practice some simple math.

Foreign (World) Language Number and Color Practice Activity (French, Spanish) wlteacher.wordpress.comI use a deck of UNO cards minus all the special cards (Reverse, Skip, etc.).  Only the number cards are used in the activity.

  • Students play in groups of 2-4 and lay out the cards with the numbers facing down.
  • Each player takes a turn choosing two cards, they do not have to match in number or color.  The player then says the two colors and the two numbers.
  • Depending on the math level of the students, the play can either add the numbers together and say the total or multiply them.  He/She then puts the cards aside and records the sum.
  • After each player takes a turn, he/she adds to their total.  Once all the cards are used the player with the highest total wins.

7 responses to “Foreign Language Number and Color Practice Activity

  1. Thanks. Will try in my Czech class.

  2. Theresa

    I will have my middle/high school Spanish students do this, and they will multiply the numbers. In order not to have to separate the deck, I added the folllowing: Draw 2 or Wild Draw 4 cards = “Dibuja” – students will draw two things the same color as on the card – or four things of their color choice. Reverse = “Revés” – students flip the numbers in their score, or if the number is three digits, flip the first and last numbers. Skip = “Salta” – play immediately passes to the next student. Wild = “Salvaje” – student gets to flip any other student’s score (same way as with “Revés”)

  3. Emma

    That’s a great idea. I hadn’t thought of that! I’ve been playing uno with my students in grades 1,2,3. I meet with them in groups of 6-8. We play regular UNO, but students are required to say the color and number in Spanish of each card they put down. For reverse, they say “riversa”. For skip, they point to the next person and say “Te toca a ti”. For draw 2 or 4, they say “toma 2.. toma 4”. When there’s a wild card students ask “De que color?” and the person answers. When they don’t have a match, they say “No tengo azul…no tengo 8” for example. It’s great because playing teaches and reinforces numbers, colors, commands, and the verb tener.

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  6. Jose Elizarraras

    Buena idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. magdala

    fantastic idea!!!i m a french teacher and it s going to help me plenty!! merci

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