Foreign Language Group Speaking Activity : The Group Dynamic

This activity is a great way to get students speaking in pairs or small groups.  They make choices about what they will discuss and offer personal opinions.  There are no right or wrong answers because they are expressing personal opinions.  I typically project a screen like the the ones below or simply show printed versions of the pictures.  Any topic can be used (i.e. movie posters, animals, food items, sports, activities, hobbies, etc.).

Foreign (World) Language Group Speaking Activity: The Group Dynamic (French, Spanish) wlteacher.wordpress.comScreen Shot 2013-08-23 at 8.08.00 PM

These are the steps that I follow to conduct the activity:

  • Find others with similar opinion
  • Discuss opinion in group
  • Be ready to share group consensus
  • Grade/Points for entire group
  • Random person selected to speak
  • Points taken if target language not used during discussion

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