Foreign Language Vocabulary Activity– Zut! ¡Caramba!

This is an interactive and tactile game for practicing  vocabulary. Put a set of cards with pictures of vocabulary in a bag.  I use cards from a memory game.  Make a few cards that have a word or picture that indicates a “bad” pick.  I use “Zut” (French) and “Caramba” (Spanish).   Make sure the “bad” cards are the same size and shape as the picture cards.

Foreign (World) Language Vocabulary Activity (french, Spanish)

  • Split the class into teams. Teams take turns choosing a card out of the bag. When they choose the card the team can do various things to keep it depending on the language level of the students.  They can identify the picture in the target language, use the word in a sentences orally or write the word.
  • If they choose a “Zut” or “Caramba” card they must put all their cards back in the bag, including the “Zut” and “Caramba” card.
  • Play continues between the two teams and the cards/points change often because of the “Zut” and “Caramba” cards.
  • If a team doesn’t know a word it goes back in the bag.  The teacher can decide if the team keeps their other cards and passes the turn or must take another card out of the bag (this the is the way I do it).
  • After a certain number of turns or a specified about of time, the team with the most cards wins.  This game can also be played in small groups (4-5) with individual students play against each other.

Here are some images by vocabulary theme that can be used to to this activity:



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