Communicative Foreign Language Activity (Speak, Listen, Write)

Give your students an opportunity to practice and gain confidence in speaking, listening and writing in the target language. This activity  can focus on any verb tense as well various other grammar points.

Communicative Foreign (World) Language Activity (Speak, Listen, Write) (French, Spanish) wlteacher.wordpress.comStudents circulate in the classroom and ask each other questions using the subject pronoun and verb (in the correct form) found on their paper. The objective is to find the other person who has the same 6 sentences. My activities typically include 6 matches. If there are more than 12 students in the class, I simply photocopy additional slips and students need to find their group of 3 or 4 that all match.

When a match (or group) is found, the students work together to write the six sentences in the target language. The entire activity can easily take place in the target language.  The example below is for reflexive verbs in French.  These two papers match, but only these two. The other four have one verb that is different.

Here is a template to create your own

Complete French Activities:

Complete Spanish Activities

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