Foreign Language Reading Activity for Beginners

This activity gives beginner students an opportunity to see how much they  understand in the target language. To begin, the teacher posts 6 paragraphs written in the target language around the classroom. It is important to focus on vocabulary and structures that the class has covered. Students are given a set of questions whose answers can be found in each of the paragraphs. Students move around individually or in pairs to each paragraph and record the answers. This is a great beginning reading activity that can then be used to get students speaking in class once they have all of the information and the teacher verifies the information with the class orally.  Once students are familiar with this type of activity it can be used with more advanced vocabulary and structures in subsequent years.  It is a great way to focus on cultural elements as well.

These activities can be created using WORD documents.

You can download full versions here:    FRENCH     SPANISH

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  1. I love that this activity incorporates movement! Students love to “travel” around the classroom. Great idea!

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