Foreign Language Speaking Activity that Involves the Entire Class

This is a great activity to get the entire class involved in saying and listening to the vocabulary in the target language. The teacher begins by cutting the strips of paper on the dotted line and giving five students a slip with two pictures on it. These students go to the front of the class without revealing their pictures to the rest of the class.

Foreign Language Speaking Activity that Involves the Entire Class

The other students in the class each receive the first sheet and begin by writing down the names of the five students in the front of the room.

One at a time members of the class take turns trying to guess who has which picture  on their sheet. All students record the answers as they are given.

An order of students should be established by the teacher and this order will be repeated until a student has correctly identified all the people/pictures on his/her turn. If the answers are not correct the questions continue.

Students should be informed that each person has only two pictures and that no two people have the same picture.

You can also download several version of this activity here:

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  1. Devon Marvel

    Great idea! How do I print this in regular size not shrunken down?

    • Hello,

      The image is a thumbnail, so you can only print the size that it is here on the site. You can access the full versions by clicking on the links below the image.


    • Try printing in landscape. It worked for me.

  2. Devon Marvel

    Why is the gustar + hobby game not available for purchase on Teachers pay Teachers like the others?

    • Hello,

      I’m not sure which activity you are referring to. Is is a “Guess Who?” activity?


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