Foreign Language Sentence Writing Activity Focusing on Verb Forms (Powerpoint)

This is a great activity to get students writing sentences with correct verb forms that move them towards more complex sentences.  In addition, students need to demonstrate that they know what the verbs mean as well as the correct form of the verb in order to complete each activity.

Begin each activity with click e that will reveal the verbs (infinitives) and one or two question words.  At this point students see six subjects and six infinitives, each numbered 1 through 6. A second click reveals three number combinations. The first number is the subject and the second number is the verb.

Students then have one minute (the triangle disappears to show time passing) to write three sentences that include the subject, the correct form of the verb and the additional information based on the question word(s).  When one minute has passed the verbs are covered.

The next screen shows the three sentences that students should have written so that they can check their work.  The second half of the sentence is an example as students will have different endings.

This activity can be created for any language in Powerpoint format by using the animation tools.  Download a template HERE.

You can also download full activities here:

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