Speaking Activity to Practice Pronouns in a Foreign Language

This is a fun and engaging way to gets students speaking while using direct and indirect objects with confidence. Students complete this activity in pairs. There are sheet for Student A and one  for Student B. The goal is to find the three rows (diagonal, horizontal and vertical) that do not have a “dommage” or “Lastima”  in them.

Speaking Activity to Practice Pronouns in a Foreign (World) Language. (French, Spanish) wlteacher.wordpress.comPlayer A begins by choosing a number on the grid and saying the number to Player B in the target language. Player B then says the sentences on the top of the square to Player A, who then must repeat the sentence back with all of the direct and indirect objects replaced by pronouns. Player B has the correct response on his sheet and can verify if it is correct in the target language.  If it is not correct, the correct answer is not given because the player can try it again on another turn.

If the response is correct, Player A marks it off on the grid on the bottom of the page.  If Player A chooses a box with a “dommage” or “Lastima” in it Player B says “dommage” or “Lastima” (or the word that means “shame” or “pity” in the target language) and Player A marks it off on his grid on the bottom of the page. This indicates that the row and column where there is a “dommage” is not one of the three rows that he needs to find.

Play continues with Player B choosing a number and Player A saying the sentence on the grid to Player B. Turns continue back and forth between Player A and Player B until one of them has determined the three rows without a “dommage”  or “lastima” and he is declared the winner.

You can download these below:

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