Writing Activity to Increase Complexity and Length of Sentences

Once students have a solid grasp of verb forms in various tenses they can begin writing longer and more complex sentences with this powerpoint activity. Students begin with a verb (in the infinitive) and a subject pronoun. The animation of the powerpoint is set up to first have students write some ideas to include in a sentence and then students use this information to write sentences that go beyond a simple subject-verb-object sentence. Students will gain confidence in their writing as they see that they are able to build on their sentences with elements that they create on their own. The animation is set up to give a limited amount of time and students try to beat the clock by writing out their sentence that may include up to 12-15 words or more. Before beginning the activity, the powerpoint includes a review of verb forms and after students write they are prompted to share their sentence with a partner and with the class. Before moving on to a new sentence, students count up their words and add it to their total. This step does a great deal for their confidence as they are able to concretely see how many words are in their sentences.

Powerpoint Activty with Regular Verbs in French

Powerpoint with Regular Verbs in Spanish

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