Motivation in the Foreign Language Classroom

Those of us who spend our days in the classroom know very well that every student is different.  But, some classroom techniques and teaching methods are universal, and these are based on the needs of the students we have with us in the classroom.

Motivation in the Foreign (World) Language Classroom (French, Spanish)

Keep these ideas in mind when designing an activity or assignment.

Things Every Student Needs

1. Every student needs to now who they are as a person and a student.

2. Every student needs inspiring models–and modeling.

3. Every student needs learning strategies.

4. Every student needs feedback, not judgment. (Formative assessment)

5. Every student needs creative spaces and materials.

6. Every student needs ideas and inspiration.

7. Every student needs an audience.

8. Every student needs a champion.

9. Every student needs a chance to practice

10. Every student deserves as many chances as it takes.

11. Every student needs to play

12. Every student needs to believe in their ability to be successful

Thank you to Terry Heick at for the info in this post.

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