Interactive Foreign Language Activities with …Cothespins?

Clothespin activities are an engaging way to practice listening and speaking skills in the target language. Everyone has a card and a clothespin. They hear a question or prompt and clip the clothespin on the card to mark the answer. Clipping on the clothespin engages students  and the teacher can quickly check the answers visually.

Interactive Foreign (World) Language Activities with ...Cothespins? (French, Spanish) wlteacher.wordpress.comClothespin activities can provide excellent listening and speaking opportunities. Students can ask the questions and take turns giving instructions to the group or they can work in pairs.   You can make this more interactive with cards that students flip over with a picture and words to pin or subjects and infinitives with conjugated verb forms to pin.  This is a a good version for small groups or pairs and it can be a little competition.

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