Foreign Language Verb Form Practice With Sentences

This activity gets students writing sentences with correct verb forms that demonstrates that they know the meaning of the verb and its various forms. Begin each slide with a single click that reveals the verb (infinitive) and 3 subject pronouns with question words. Students have 40 seconds (the line on the bottom of the slide disappears to show time passing) to write three sentences that include the subject, the correct form of the verb and the additional information based on the question word(s).  The next screen shows the three verb forms that students should have written so that they can check their work. The teacher then has students share their examples with a partner or with the class. This activity works well individually or in pairs. Students can write the sentences on small white boards or on a sheet of paper.

This activity can be done using Powerpoint animation.  Below are some complete activities to practice various French and Spanish verb forms.



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