Enrichment Activities in the Foreign Language Classroom (aka games)

Enrichment activities (aka games) are a terrific teaching and learning tool. In addition to providing students with opportunities to practice speaking and understanding the target language in class, it is also a great way to motivate students. When the focus is not on verb forms or noun gender students tend to have less anxiety about speaking the language and the context and repetitive nature of games help to improve listening comprehension.

In addition, games are useful:
• for providing a relaxed context for risk-taking.
• for building community in the classroom.
• for language interaction in an authentic situation.
• as a way of practicing and reviewing structures and idiomatic expressions

When developing a game, consider the following:
• Does the game provide for oral interaction among students?
• Are all students involved?
• Can the game be played in small groups to increase student participation?
• Is there a task to be completed that is independent of grammar (Focus on Form, not Forms)?

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