Verb Tense Writing or Speaking Activity

This is a great interactive writing or speaking activity for students.  Students throw a die three times and write a sentence based on the number sequence (or they can throw three dice at once and line them up). Each number corresponds to picture of a  subject pronoun, verb and verb tense.  Students write the sentence or say it out loud.  This is a great way to get students writing without translating. Subjects and verbs can also be easily written on the board and numbered 1-6 along with various verb tenses as well.  This is a grid that I use with students.

2 responses to “Verb Tense Writing or Speaking Activity

  1. Amanda

    I love your site! Your games are very creative and do well to engage students in the target language. My question on this game is what do the arrows represent? Im guessing the blue arrows are past tense, and the green present/future? But the red?

    • jos76

      The Red Arrows are the present and the others are future and past. Depending on the language the red arrows can be simple present or present progressive. Thank you for checking in. I’m happy to hear that you find the materials useful.

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