Foreign Language Verb Form Puzzles

French and Spanish Verb Form Puzzles

Students enjoy working in pairs and I have found that this activity really focuses their attention on verb forms.  Essentially you fill in subjects and infinitives on one side of each line and the correct verb form on the other.  The teacher then cuts up the individual squares (or students can do it as well).  Students then must mix up and then match up the subject/verb pair with the correct verb form. When done correctly there will be a 16-square puzzle (4X4). Multiple puzzles can also be combined to make a larger  puzzle. This is a fun and effective way for students to work together to practice verb forms.  You can also use this activity to practice numbers, verb tenses or any type of vocabulary.

3 responses to “Foreign Language Verb Form Puzzles

  1. Jenny

    I would like to create a verb form puzzle, but I cannot figure out how to insert/turn words on their side. Is this a table in MS Word? Merci.

    • jos76

      I create these puzzles in powerpoint. I find that the textboxes are much easier to work with. When done, save as a pdf and print.

  2. Jenny

    Thank you, jos76. A colleague of mine figured out a way to do it in Adobe, as well, so now I have a template to work with!

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