Vocabulary Activity for the Foreign Language Classroom

This game is best for concrete vocabulary that can be seen in pictures.  You can be more creative with more challenging concepts once you work with it.  Draw two grids on the board with 9 squares (3X3).  This can also be done on the floor of the classroom with tape. Divide the class into two teams and give them one,  two or three topics, such as food, weather expressions, furniture, animals, action verbs, clothing, body parts, or colors.

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 9.36.50 AM

Each team must choose 9 words in the target language that fit the given topic.  They then write the words in the boxes on the board.  Before playing, put pictures of the vocabulary in a box for each team (there should be two boxes-one for each team- with identical pictures in each).  One at a time, a player from each team reaches into their box and takes out a picture.  If they have the word in their grid that corresponds to the picture, they put the picture with the word (tape, magnet, etc.).  Once they get three in a row, they get a point. It is best to give them a list of 12-15 words that are in the box for each category so that the teams are not choosing words that are not even in the box.  Play two or three times, alternating between the teams.  This can be done with grammar structures as well, such as verb forms or adjectives.   The grid can also be 4X4 or 5X5 to make room for more vocabulary and a longer game.

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