Presenting Foreign Language Vocabulary with Powerpoint

There are many ways to use powerpoint animation tools to visually capture the interest of students.  When presenting vocabulary for the first time, particularly if the vocabulary is concrete, the visual along with the word helps students to retain the vocabulary and recall it on their own.  In the sequence below (you can download the entire powerpoint to see how the animation works), first the word and the image is presented, then students choose the image when they see the word, then they identify the image on their own when the boxes are removed, then finally students identify the vocabulary when the image spins quickly.  The sequence moves students from the word and the visual to being able to identify the image on their own.  When done in a 45 minutes class with about 10-12 new words, students typically can recall almost all of the words.

Download full Powerpoints:

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  1. I think you have some very good ideas about how to make learning fun!

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