Podcasting in the World Language Classroom

Here is some great info about podacsting from Langwitches:

How about creating your own podcast for you Foreign Language or ESL classroom? This can be done in different ways:


  1. Teacher recorded
  2. Students recorded

The first podcast I tried out was for my 5th graders. We had studied all South American Spanish speaking countries and they were getting ready to take their comprehensive test at the end of the year. I already had set up a study guide on our classroom website and wanted to take advantage of the popularity of MP3 players among my students, so I creaded episodes for each Spanish speaking countries for them to download and listen to.

6th graders are studying Central American and Carribean countries.I decided to involve my 6th graders more into the creation process of the podcast by making them responsable for writing and recording a script for a country (which I assigned to them). They were divided into groups of two or three students and given the homework of writing and practicing the script. The criteria that I gave them was, that their script needed to inlcude the following:

    • Country’s name
    • Geographic location
    • Currency
    • Flag
    • Interesting fact about the country
    • Be creative
In the following week we recorded them in class with Audacity.

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