ACTFL Core Practices Virtual Workshop

  • You know the value of teaching with the goal of students growing in language proficiency.
  • You like detailed, useful and actionable tools and guidance for increasing proficiency in your classroom.
  • You appreciate a systematic approach that helps your students rise in proficiency and communicate with confidence.

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The ACTFL Core Practices are designed to provide an effective and authentic language learning experience.  In this workshop we explore in-depth how to use the target language for learning, design communicative activities, teach grammar as a concept, use authentic cultural resources, plan with backward design and provide appropriate feedback.


  • Fundamental tenets of language acquisition research and how they have enhanced language teaching in the classroom
  • The three communication modes; Presentational, Interpretive, Interpersonal
  • Comprehensible input strategies
  • Communicative, proficiency-based activities that promote authentic engagement and communication
  • Backward design and creating Integrated Performance Assessments that include the three communication modes
  • Feedback in the language classroom
  • Teaching grammar as a concept
  • Authentic cultural resources


  • 6 videos (2 hours of content)
  • Guided Notes and actions plans
  • 30 resources and templates for using the workshop material
  • 3 Q&A follow-up videos
  • 3 live Zoom meet-ups with Joshua Cabral and workshop participants

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  • You can engage in the workshop on your own schedule.
  • You get concise and accessible language teaching theory and concrete suggestions for putting it all into action.

  • Workshops are not specific to a language or level.  All concepts, materials and suggestions are applicable to all teachers and include ways to adapt for immediate use.
  • You watch the videos when it is convenient for you from July 18 – August 7, 2021.
  • As you engage with the content you can submit questions and I will respond with follow-up Q&A videos.
  • There are 3 opportunities to join a live Zoom meetup to discuss the topics with me and other participants
  • Once you enroll in the workshop you will receive website login and password details.  The workshop website will be available through August 31, 2021.

  • Here’s the BONUS (that you don’t typically find when doing online PD)…During the weeks of the workshop you can submit questions or comments via a Google Form and I will create personalized follow-up videos addressing your questions.
  • You will also have the chance to meet up live (via Zoom) with me (Joshua Cabral)  and other workshop participants each week of the workshops to discuss and connect in real time.

Reserve now!

  • NOW: You have seen and heard about various approaches to language teaching. You’ve read blog posts and talked with colleagues.  It’s been a real hodgepodge of information.
  • AFTER THIS VIRTUAL WORKSHOP: You have a systematic approach and materials for teaching language effectively.  The mixture of information is now aligned and you know how to use it in your classroom.

When I lead this workshop with districts and departments the fee is $1,000.  I’ve heard from many teachers requesting the workshop content and materials whose schools are not able to budget for it.  Here’s my solution.  As an individual teacher you have access to all of the content and materials, along with Q&A and Zoom Meetups with me and other participants for only $47.  

Workshop starts on July 18, 2021.  There is limited space to allow for personalized Q&A and Zoom Meetups.  If space is filled I’ll start a waiting list for the next workshop.

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Be sure to click on the link in the PayPal receipt to get the confirmation page with login details.  I will also follow up with you by email with 24 hours to make sure that you have what you need.

My promise and a guarantee.

We’ve all started a book or movie and thought….hey, this is not what I expected.  I’ve been there.  Not every topic works for everyone.  I want to make sure that you are satisfied with your investment in this workshop.  I’m a full-time teacher myself and understand the need to budget.  If you are not satisfied I will refund your money.  Not exactly “no questions asked.”  I will ask why.  I will ask to see evidence that using the concepts, suggestions and materials did not bring on the results you were hoping.  If that is indeed the case I will refund your $47, but I’m an optimistic person and confident that this workshop will be useful and you’ll be thinking “this is the best 47 bucks I’ve ever spent on PD.”